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Why PHP is better than Ruby

In Ruby, everything is an object… even literals!

This is just nuts. I don’t know how ruby developers can call themselves real programmers. In PHP we don’t believe in a standard interface. We celebrate our diversity. Is it hayatack, needle or needle, haystack? Should we call a method on an object or pass it into a function? Should we do both and code in various different styles just to make life interesting?

Compared to the daily adventure of figuring out how PHP works, Ruby is boring. Take string processing functions. To do a simple string-replace in Ruby, you have to call a function on your string literal, not pass it into a string processing function. What sort of object-oriented crack was Matz smoking? This takes all the enjoyment out of programming!

Don’t feed the troll. L’article complet est plein d’ironie bien entendu, mais il vaut le détour même si vous programmez en PHP.