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Steve Reich's "WTC 9/11"

What’s more, its pairing on the album with Mallet Quartet and Dance Patterns proves effective, according to McGregor: “The certainty of Reich’s minimalist techniques offering reassurance after the impact of the speech rhythms of WTC 9/11.”

To listen to the review and hear selections from the album, go to, where the review begins 1 hour and 24 minutes in to the program.

In the BBC Music review to which McGregor refers, written by Andrew Mellor, while the reviewer does find the album’s title piece to be too short, he also recognizes that “Reich is as eloquent as ever” in the piece. “The exploration of the tiny inflections of sampled speech and Reich’s skilful knitting of the voices to one another … is unfailingly moving.” He also goes on to laud the other works on the album as “pretty much unfaultable in concept and execution,” particularly Mallet Quartet. “Sō Percussion have it nailed,” Mellor writes, “finding both the inner glow and the outer edge, and never letting the tapestry lapse into the flat or routine.”

Il vous reste moins de 4 jours pour écouter cette pièce de S. Reich jouée lors des 10 ans de l’attentat du World Trade Center.