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OS X 10.7 Lion Is The First Great PC Operating System Of The Post-PC Age [Review] | Cult of Mac

Merging Folders and Keeping Duplicate Files

One of the things that drives PC switchers batty is the way the Finder handles files and folders. we’ve seen numerous complaints that OS X overwrote a file or folder during a copy operation when PC switchers expected them to be merged. Lion fixes that. The Finder now offers to merge two folders with the same name into a single folder. Same with files. The Finder now offers to keep both files, adding the word “copy” to the new file.

Honestly, this is the way it should always have been done. An operating system shouldn’t be irretrievably and invisibly discarding user data unless the user has chosen to delete something. We’re not sure what took so long — hubris, perhaps? — but we’re glad that Merging Folders has finally been fixed.

Enfin ! C’est vraiment la fonction qui manquait sur mac.